NTM shall be a pioneer supplier of bodies and trailers.
This means that NTM:

  • Satisfies and, if possible, exceeds customer expectations.
  • Provides faultless products and services that meet customer needs.

Is aware that achieving the right level of quality is the personal responsibility of all company employees
and assumes continual development of products and services.


At every opportunity, and using applicable legislation, customer requirements and company
resources as a starting point, we shall work to reduce the negative environmental impact of
our activities and products.

Adopting an environmental approach within design and production, as well as imposing more
stringent demands on materials and suppliers, shall ensure that our customer receive vehicles
that are tailored to their needs and deliver the best possible efficiency and environmental performance.

Our efforts shall be governed by what is financially reasonable and technologically possible.

Ab Närpes Trä & Metall, 8 April 2010
CEO Kurt-Erik Nordin